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It starts with a schedule

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I have often been asked when is the best time to start training my puppy and my response is TODAY!  A young puppy has a strong desire to please and discover their place in the home.  There are some basics that make it easier for the puppy and you.  

Remember - they are a baby - patience patience patience

It all starts with a schedule and proper supervision.  If something goes wrong it is your fault NOT THE PUPPY.  If the puppy out then I MUST supervise.

All puppies should be properly trained, house broken, crate trained and socialized. These things are essential to a confident happy puppy and peace in the home.


  • 6:30 AM -- Take puppy outside for potty.
    6:45 AM -- Bring puppy inside and feed.
    7:00 AM --  Come in and have inside play time (training)  Training is part of play time at this age.
    7:30 AM -- Take puppy outside for potty and duty time
    7:50 AM -- Puppy goes on leash at computer while I check e mails etc.

    8:30 AM -- Get ready for work….puppy is on leash at my side.
    8:50 AM -- Take puppy outside to potty.
    9:00 AM -- Have puppy "kennel up" & give treats - leave for work

    12:00 PM - Come home and take puppy out to potty
    12:10 PM - Feed puppy and fix my lunch
    12:30 PM - Take puppy outside and let them run around and explore, play and potty
    1:00 PM - Bring puppy in to "kennel up" give treats.

    5:30 PM - Take puppy outside for potty and free play time(30 Min)
    6:00 PM - Feed puppy 6:15 PM - Outside for potty and play time. (ball, fetch etc) weather permitting if not play inside.

    7:15 PM - Last drink of water for the night offered after play
    7:30 PM - Outside to potty
  • 7:45 PM - Quiet time with puppy sitting on couch or watch TV at computer. Can work on sit, come down, stay etc. 
    8:15 PM - Outside to potty
    8:30 PM - Let puppy play in play area by himself. Give chew treat 9:15 PM - Take puppy outside for potty and bed time.

    10:30 PM - Take puppy outside for final outing of night
    10:45 PM - Crate for the night (at 12 to 14 weeks puppy should make it til 5 AM)


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Guest DoberMom

So happy to see this schedule.    We should be using our crate more often and will start on that today.   Thanks for the info!


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