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DNA Diversity testing among litters

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Results of my Leeba/Stone breeding Born 1-7-2020 projected was 34% if I remember correctly. Breeder tool is not working this morning so I could not verify.

Leeba was clear of all variants when I did the breeding but when it was updated she is DCM2 carrier

Stone is Vwd carrier so thank Goodness I did not double up on DCM 2. I don’t mind a carrier but I would never intentionally breed and double up.

1. Red Collar girl 34% High Diversity Vwd, DCM 2 carrier
2. Purple collar girl 33% High Diversity Vwd carrier
3. Black Collar boy 33% No diversity Vwd, Alt carrier
4. Drk Blue Boy 29% No Diversity DCM 2 carrier
5. Lt Blue Boy 30% No diversity Vwd, DCM 2 carrier
6. Blue Starman 29% High diversity DCM 2 carrier
7. Drk Green Boy 30% High diversity Vwd, DCM 2 carrier
8. Red Male 29% No Diversity Alt carrier

To add: I found it interesting that I did not have any higher than 34% COI's. And both Leeba and Stone are out of my long term breeding program.

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