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  1. Section I 1. Please don't use the public board to argue and challenge board policy or rule enforcement. If you challenge a moderator publicly you may be temporarily banned until further notice. Repeat offenders will be removed. If you want clarification contact a moderator by private message or email. 2. No vulgar language or profanity This includes inappropriate words, inappropriate sexual references and other vulgar statements. Some words may be replaced with **** . 3. No threatening, abusive or harassing comments You may agree and disagree all you want but this is not a forum for personal attacks or mean spirited comments. This applies to our entire board, both private and public posts. 4. No defamation of character allowed. NO bashing allowed. Lies and hear-say about a company, organization or individual, is strictly prohibited. There are two sides to every story. If you have a lawsuit or conflict you wish to discuss about specific people or organizations - do not discuss them on DobermanDepot. We have a legal system in place for that. Reporting public cases that have gone to trial is allowed as long as the discussion pertains to the facts of the case. Private disputes are just that . . . private. If they end up in court and a decision is made public, then they are no longer private. 5. Keep the debate about ideas and fact, and don’t get personal. 6. Signatures & Linking Signatures are for your name, your favorite "signature" quote only. (Banner advertisers may include their website link if they wish). All other information can be placed in your personal profile. Those that abuse signature rules will lose their signatures. 8. Avatars, pictures, or content. . . If we are embarrassed when our kids walk up, then it should not be on the board. 9. Do not discuss classified ads on DobermanDepot or any site. If you need information on someone or a dog use the "PM" (personal message) system or simply email them. 10. No Hijacking threads. If you want to change the subject on a thread be polite - start a new thread of your own. 11. No Trolling. Look it up in the Urban Dictionary. i.e. Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it's the internet and, hey, you can. Example: Guy: "I just found the coolest ninja pencil in existence." Other Guy: "I just found the most retarded thread in existence." 12. No fundraising or solicitation of any kind allowed on the forums. 13. Free pet's including dogs, must be placed in a classified ad unless it is a rescue and approved by a moderator. 14. Disparaging against DobermanDepot or it's members on other sites may be grounds for banning. 15. All rules apply to personal messages as well. Personal messages are personal, and should not be copied to the board out of respect for the sender unless permission is granted. 16. No buyer/seller bash threads. Do not use the boards to announce your dog dealings. You may only ask for a critique of a dog you own, not a dog you are considering purchasing. Potential purchase critiques should be made by pm. 17. Individual referencing is not allowed. Section II: Commercial posts 1. Advertising (for sale or trade) for items on the boards (anywhere) is not permitted. (use classifieds) 2. Don't make a post asking how much your dog is worth. Buy an ad. 3. Banner Advertisers are allowed on the public forums if they are answering questions. 5. No “post to boast” selling on the boards. Example: “Hey I just tried that new dog formula for hair coat luster called “Shine Away” and it’s really awesome!” 6. Wanted posts are not allowed. 7. Selling through the pm system by non-advertisers is prohibited. Section III: Legalities 1. Be smart. Any personal message you send to another, can be copied and distributed by the person you send it to, SO, If you post something, then you can assume it is public. Moderators cannot see your personal messages, but people copy them and send them to us all the time. There’s nothing truly personal on the internet. 2. We reserve the right to delete any message or poster for any reason. This is a privately owned board room - and those that seek to disrupt the board for their own purposes, gains, or amusement will be removed at the owners discretion. 3. Your messages are not screened before they are posted so you remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless, this site and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s). We reserve the right to revoke your membership to the forum or disable your posting ability for any reason. 4. This site reserves the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you. 5. We can remove any content, picture or information you post on DobermanDepot if we believe that it violates copyright laws. If you did not take the picture of an individual/subject, or are reposting the picture of an individual or subject on DobermanDepot without permission, your post may be deleted. Important: Your registration on this board is your agreement to abide by the rules. If anything in this board policy bothers you or causes you undue frustration, simply do not participate. We are not staffed to screen every thread and every post 24/7. If it appears an infraction to the rules has been missed, or not applied equally to all members or situations, it is unintentional. Most irregularities are brought to our attention by the "REPORT TO MODERATOR" button at the bottom of each post and you are encouraged to use this or if you feel someone is violating the same rules in a private message to you, report this as well to a moderator or owners of DobermanDepot. As a condition of use of Doberman Depot’s web site, the User agrees to indemnify DobermanDepot, its owners, employees and agents against any and all liability, expenses (including attorney's fees) and damages arising out of claims resulting from User's use of this web site, including without limitation any claims alleging facts that if true would constitute a breach by User of these terms and conditions. These guidelines are meant for the well-being and enjoyment of the majority. If you feel you must spoon out a heavy dose of reality to an unsuspecting poster - drag them behind YOUR shed - not around OUR campfire. Anyone (brought to our attention), and determined to be in violation of the preceding rules will receive a warning and have their message edited or removed. Further violations may result in immediate "time outs" or removal from the board. Further attempts of blocked users attempting to re-enter the board under alias's will be grounds for permanent IP address blocking. NOW . . . have fun.
  2. Welcome to the Doberman Depot. We are anxious to provide more information here about the breed and help to those who need guidance. Stay tuned!
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